Spare parts management

A spare parts catalog does not create itself. That is why we support you with our experience.

A well-structured spare parts catalog is the basis for a smooth workflow within after-sales.

End customers and dealers can save a lot of time and thus money by having an easy-to-follow catalog. This increases customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of your business partners.

Although the data is available in a good quality, from our experience it is usually not sufficient to just have the data systematically prepared by a transfer tool or to simply import it from a CAD system/ERP software into a spare parts catalog. This is exactly where we support you and where you can benefit from our many years of experience.

The perfect teaming for your after-sales

Our expert staff has many years of experience in creating spare parts catalogs. Our eye for details in combination with first-class service and competent contact persons have proven themselves permanently, so that we are represented on the market all over Europe.

What we offer

  • Data preparation for presentation in our tef-KAT by professionally experienced specialists
  • Development of individual solutions for your requirements
  • logically structured spare parts catalogs
  • Creation of graphics, exploded or sectional drawings for your spare parts catalog from your 2D and 3D data or also from photos or sketches