Find the right spare part quickly and clearly at any time.
In addition to a clear 2D/3D display and user-friendly operation, we enable optimal identification and ordering of spare parts.

Innovative product developments and guidelines place increasing demands on after-sales service and spare parts management. Our application tef-KAT is the ideal communication tool between manufacturer and sales partners. In addition, you can achieve essential cost reductions through targeted integration into your logistics and inventory management systems.


Benefit from all the advantages of a digital spare parts catalog.

tef-KAT is characterized in particular by its flexibility and the diversity of its functions: Product changes or periodic price updates no longer represent insurmountable barriers. Additional information on individual spare parts or assemblies, such as assembly or installation instructions, can be easily integrated with tef-KAT.

easily integrated with tef-KAT. For the ordering of spare parts, the display of open orders, the display of the order history and the selection of the shipping method are a matter of course. In addition, tef-KAT serves as a reference tool for the equipment of the products.