Warranty processing as a cornerstone of customer support.
Developed for online supported warranty processing between dealer and manufacturer.

Warranty processing in any company is a complex process with multiple levels of communication and approval. For the necessary steps during warranty processing, different information and data must be provided for different addresses.

Warranty processing in the shortest possible time means satisfaction for your customers and low costs in your after-sales department.

With the tef-GAO module, warranty claims and handover reports and, if necessary, warranty processing and parts returns can be processed efficiently and in a legally compliant manner by your service partners at home and abroad.

Individual configuration options allow us to represent your entire business process: From the delivery of your goods to the forwarding agent, to incoming inspections at the recipient, warranty certificate creation, recurring mandatory inspections for maintenance intervals, to warranty processing with different release processes. Everything online, everything fast, transparent and clear for you and your controlling.

In an optional module for recourse processing with your suppliers, all relevant processes can be fully documented.